Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Andy Goldsworthy

The bureau chief first became aware of Andy Goldsworthy's work through the 2001 film "Rivers and Tides" which I highly recommend. 2001 was also the year that the Goldsworthy piece "Stone River" was installed at Stanford University. In the following years 4 more Goldsworthy pieces were installed in San Francisco. In 2005 "Drawn River" was installed at the De Young Museum. Since then three Goldyworthy pieces were installed at the Presidio.

The link above gives pictures and the lowdown on the making of the Presidio pieces but I've photographed all three so I'm adding some of my pix. Here's "Spire" installed in 2008.

Here's "Wood Line" installed in 2010.

And here is "Tree Fall" which was just installed last month. The cracked mud is a really wonderful effect.

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