Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Doggie Diner Doggies Yarn-Bombed!

I posted images of the Doggie Diner Doggies on this blog in 2010. I did not explain at that time that each doggie once stood above a restaurant of the long defunct Doggie Diner chain. At the demise of the chain various collectors snapped up the doggies. A collector named John Law got three of them and put them on a trailer so that they could attend various events around town. Madame Le Chef and I spotted the doggies this Saturday past in front of a house on upper Folsom. They had been wonderfully yarn-bombed.

We stopped the car and I took several pictures. Other people were doing the same.

It turns out the doggies were there for a big Halloween party that was happening that night.

News of them spread around the hill and they came to the attention of Bernalwood, our neighborhood blog. They scooped me by a day and had lots of additional information and a photo of the Doggie Diner which once stood in our neighborhood.

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