Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Doggie Diner Doggies Yarn-Bombed!

I posted images of the Doggie Diner Doggies on this blog in 2010. I did not explain at that time that each doggie once stood above a restaurant of the long defunct Doggie Diner chain. At the demise of the chain various collectors snapped up the doggies. A collector named John Law got three of them and put them on a trailer so that they could attend various events around town. Madame Le Chef and I spotted the doggies this Saturday past in front of a house on upper Folsom. They had been wonderfully yarn-bombed.

We stopped the car and I took several pictures. Other people were doing the same.

It turns out the doggies were there for a big Halloween party that was happening that night.

News of them spread around the hill and they came to the attention of Bernalwood, our neighborhood blog. They scooped me by a day and had lots of additional information and a photo of the Doggie Diner which once stood in our neighborhood.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fiesta on the Hill

Bernal Heights had its annual street fair on the Sunday just past. Several blocks of the main drag, Cortland Ave., were closed to traffic and all the usual street fair things were there. Yes there were pony rides for the kids, food stands, bands, merchandise and information. The bureau chief got there later in the afternoon after a cold wind from the sea had thinned the crowd. It's interesting that some people make a living by traveling all around the state from fair to fair.

These stands have the classics.

These are more diverse.

It's all new to the kids.

This was new to me also.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Steam Powered Art

For ten years in a row, the San Francisco Center for the Book has hosted an event on the street outside their front door where prints are made from 3 ft. by 3 ft. linoleum blocks by making a sandwich of the inked block, paper and various protective layers and running a steamroller over it. We attended this event last Sunday. The photos are a mixture of mine and Madame Le Chef's. (Please click.)

Normally the steamroller is a modern compact machine but this year the organizers were able to get in contact with some steam enthusiasts up in Willets CA and voilĂ , an actual steam powered steamroller.

The paper was put down carefully.

The protective layers were added. You can see the backup modern steamroller in the background on the left side.

The steamroller got up a head of steam.

Things got rolling.

The layers were peeled away.