Thursday, July 31, 2014

Le Mont-St-Michel Part 2

The street that ascends from the town gate to the abbey atop the hill is like a vertical Fisherman's Wharf without (thank god) the sea lions. It's nothing but souvenirs and snacks and we didn't take any pictures of it. The abbey on the other hand is a completely worthwhile goal. (Please click.)

The view of Le Mont in the distance is one of its delights and the other is the view from on top of it.

These are the vehicular and the pedestrian causeways that snake their ways out from the mainland. They're still under construction.

The sands around Le Mont attract plenty of visitors who have presumably checked the tide tables.

If you look closely you can see some visitors in this image also.

The abbey has it's own delights, like a garden sheltered from the perpetual wind.

Also a light filled refectory.

But the visitors concentrate on taking pictures of the view.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Le Mont-St-Michel Part 1

For us, Mont-St-Michel had it's strongest impact as a vision in the distance. We first glimpsed it across a field next to the road. It looked like an immense statue on the horizon. (Please click.)

That evening, it was visible over the marshy pastures across the road from our motel.

When we finally took a bus out the causeway to see it, it revealed itself to be a 17th century French town. It was not as magical up close.

We preferred the distant vision. I'm not sure what the sheep thought.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Found Art

Many apologies to my faithful readers. After not posting for a couple of weeks, we went off to France where all the hotels and B&Bs claim to have WiFi (pronounced "weefee" in French) but don't in actuality. We're finally back home and the bureau is once again open for business.

We paid a return visit to Père Lachaise cemetery where I recorded this tableau. I don't know if the young woman was doing this on purpose or just cooling her neck. Please click.

This is the front view of the soldier. The inscription says, "Remember, France!" From the uniform, he must be from the lost 1870 war.