Monday, October 29, 2012

Listening Post

The bureau can function as a fire spotting station but last night it was a listening post. The bureau chief and Madame Le Chef were eating dinner and checking the computer for the score in the 4th game of the World Series when we heard the city give an enormous roar. The computer had not updated yet but we knew the Giants had just won the Series. We went out on the back deck. The city was covered with a medium fog but people were screaming and setting off fireworks into it. There was joy in Mudville.


LO said...

I was down in amongst the rabble & got some fun recordings of the celebration. Fireworks blocked cars trying to get losse, & general drunken silliness... but it got too dicey when the bottles started to fly smashing around so I retreated home.

Bureau Chief said...

You're a brave recordist. The bureau chief doesn't like crowds to begin with and drunken crowds armed with bottles are way beyond the pale.