Monday, October 29, 2012

Celeste and Jesse Forever

This is a funny, smart and very good romantic comedy with an element of melancholy that is rare in this genre (at least in the USA). It wasn't a success at the box office but a lot of critics liked it. The bureau chief was not familiar with Rashida Jones but she does a wonderful job as Celeste and also co-wrote the script with Will McCormack who plays the very amusing drug dealing friend. Andy Samberg of "Dick in a Box" fame plays Jesse. He is very good playing against his usual snarky type. It's the story of a couple who are best friends since high school, got married and are now getting divorced although they keep not finalizing it. There are a few things in the movie that don't work but by and large director Lee Tolland Kreiger did a very good job. I don't think it's still in the theaters but will surely hit Netflix soon.


¡ máirtín ! said...

I think the story of Rashida Dati would make a fine movie:

Bureau Chief said...

I didn't understand why you thought Mme Dati was worthy of a movie until I read this quote from her Wiki bio,"On 27 September 2010 Ms Dati was reported to have mistakenly used the word 'fellatio' in place of 'inflation' in a description of the strategies of certain investment funds. The lapsus linguae was quickly picked up and posted on YouTube. Ms Dati later laughed off the whole episode saying she had spoken too quickly. The French word for fellatio is "fellation", which sounds similar to the word "inflation".[10]

On 25 April 2012 Ms Dati attended a morning TV Show called "La Matinale" on Canal+ wearing a vest showing a large cannabis leaf on the back. Promotion of illegal drugs is forbidden in France so Ms Dati could risk prosecution with Jail sentence."

I don't think that adds up to a film but I like her style.

¡ máirtín ! said...

There's also the lingering question of the paternity of her child: was Sarkozy shagging everybody in his cabinet? Maybe a movie like "A Man and A Woman and Another Woman".