Sunday, March 25, 2012

Winter Light

Madame Le Chef and I have made it to Paris five times in this century. Four trips were in the summer and one was at Christmas time. Paris was fascinating, as always, but the one thing we weren't totally prepared for is that the city is further north than one tends to think. It's further north than Thunder Bay Ontario. This means that when you arrive close to the shortest day of the year, the sun is not fully up until 8:30 AM and starts descending around 4 PM. That's not a lot of daylight. On the other hand, the light is very beautiful.

This was taken around 9 AM.

The Louvre.

Louvre roof.

19th century apartment blocks near the Louvre.

It's claimed that it rarely snows in Paris but it did while we were there. This is outside the Pantheon.

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