Monday, March 26, 2012

Winter Light Part 2

The bureau chief neglected to mention that the winter photos in the last post were from our 2005 trip, giving some of our faithful readers the impression they were recent. Unfortunately, recently completed renovations to the bureau precluded traveling to France last year and will preclude it this year (I know I'll get no sympathy). On the other hand our excellent contractor is paying for his daughter's wedding.

Since the blogging machine is already fired up, I thought I'd post some pictures of Montmartre cemetery. Since it's on a hill it has a certain double-decker aspect.

There are lots of famous people buried there but Nijinsky's tomb caught my eye.

As did La Goulue's.

I don't know if she was the sole creator of the "French Cancan" but she was certainly an icon of it.

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