Saturday, May 7, 2016

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

It officially re-opens on May 14 after having been closed for three years to add an addition to it. Since we are members of the museum, we got to tour it on May 1. It seems to be twice as large as it used to be. The top floor had been the fifth but it now has a sixth and a seventh floor, both enormous. The new main entrance is now on Howard St. and the first work of art that greets you is Richard Serra's "Sequence".

Madame Le Chef and I took the elevator directly to the seventh floor which has a balcony.

It allows new views of SF''s downtown towers, both old and contemporary.

The new floors house the Fisher collection which is the raison d'etre for the addition to the museum. They collected a lot of modern German art.

And American of course.

Also photography.

After a lot of galleries, I felt in sync with this piece. I have a 90 minute window in which to view art and then I have to come back another day.

None the less we visited a new sculpture garden with a very cool living wall.

I will take us multiple visits to this "new" museum to really get a sense of it. Finally, let me say that these are not the graves of starving artists.