Monday, February 2, 2015

Alcatraz 1/24/15

Madame Le Chef and I went out to Alcatraz to see the Ai Weiwei show (to be covered in the next post). I had not been there in over 20 years and was struck by two things: the decayed state of a lot of the buildings and the stunning setting and beauty of the island. San Francisco didn't have a drop of rain in all of January - the first time that happened since they began keeping records. That was a terrible thing in the long run but led to week after week of superb afternoons. We took the boat out to the island on one of those afternoons.

Some buildings are being held up by inner supports of steel girders.

The views are not bad.

The same fogs and mists that erode the buildings...

Help the plants.

If you can, you should visit Alcatraz while the Ai Weiwei show is on. It's there through April 26th.

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