Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Madame Le Chef heard about an international art book (as in books as works of art) expo called Codex which was being held in Richmond, CA. This Sunday past we decided to check it out. It was held in a former Ford assembly plant which has become an exhibition space. The building is very impressive industrial architecture and a block long. (Please click.)

Here's the side view.

The setting is also pretty impressive. It looks south west to San Francisco in the distance. Imagine workers eating their lunch with this view

Here's a more zoomed in view of SF.

Here's an example of the local wildlife.

The expo drew a good crowd and some of the books and book-like objects were remarkable. However, being handmade and often one-off they were far from inexpensive. In a way it was a trade show and there were some tables staffed by venerable firms selling fine leather for book binding.

The crowd from outside.

And in.

If you followed the link given above to the Wiki entry on Richmond, CA you would have learned that ships were built in Richmond during WW II and that Kaiser's Richmond Shipyards built more Victory and Liberty ships than in any other place in the U.S.

Around the corner from the exhibition space is a small museum dedicated to the famous female shipbuilders of the war.

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