Monday, December 31, 2012

French Inscriptions Part Three - Celebrities

As I mentioned before, the French keep track of some old events in some detail. This inscription is next to a well in the medieval city of Chinon. (Please Click.)

"On March 6, 1429 Joan of Arc, in order to get down from a horse, put her foot on the edge of a communal well, sheltered by an awning, situated here on Grand Carroi. Reconstruction (of the well presumably) was done with care by the Society of Friends of old Chinon." Francophones are invited to correct my translation.

Below is a duplicate of the flame of the Statue of Liberty, which, famously, the French gave us.

It has an inscription on it mentioning those points but what's more interesting is the picture of Lady Diana in a plastic heart-shaped frame below the inscription. The flame is in Paris, on the Right Bank, near Le Pont de l'Alma which means it's also near the underpass where Princess Diana was killed. It's become the site of an unofficial memorial to the dead royal.

We've gone from official inscriptions to fan messages to a departed idol and now we go to commercial endorsements.

"L'As du Fallafel means "The Ace of Falafel". It's supposed to be the best falafel in Paris. Madame Le Chef and I have tasted it and it's pretty damned good. It's run by Israelis and is located on the Rue des Rosiers which is the main street of the ancient Jewish quarter of Paris. Apparently Lenny Kravitz thinks the falafel is good too.

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