Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Le Havre

Aki Kaurismäki's "Le Havre" (2011) is a wonderful little film. It has a Finnish director, French actors and location and a wisp of Frank Capra's ghost hovering over it. Of course this being the 21st Century, it's not truly Capra-esque, but does have a miracle at the end of it.

A young African boy (Blondin Miguel) is the only member of his family of illegal immigrants not to be caught and interned by the French Immigration Police. The evocatively named Marcel Marx (André Wilm), an aged Bohemian and radical is struggling to support himself and his wife (Kati Outinen) on what he makes shining shoes. Nonetheless he gives the boy shelter. Eventually, neighbors and friends help Marcel and the boy. Even the police are not all bad.

The director and the actors all do a great job. I highly recommend it.

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