Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Sunday past, Mme Le Chef and I traveled through several microclimates on a day trip up to Limantour Beach. In San Francisco it was sunny and in the upper 60s. In Lucas Valley (50 min. away by car) it was sunny and in the upper 80s and at the sea (90 min. away) it was foggy and in the lower 60s. As usual, as soon as you walked away from the entrance to the beach it was almost totally empty of people. (Please click)

There were some other living things though.


Possible food for the pelicans.

An alien life form.


¡ máirtín ! said...

A three-legged alien?

Bureau Chief said...

Actually three legs and five tentacles.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim!

Nice photos!


Bureau Chief said...

Glad you like them. Madame Le Chef shot some of them.