Thursday, May 3, 2012

On The Waterfront

Once the premier port of the West Coast, San Francisco was pushed aside by Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland. It didn't have room to expand into containers and by the 1970s was dead as a major cargo port. Today we still have ship repair and cruise ship visits but that's about it. This is a floating dry dock near Mission Rock. Please click.

Ships anchor out in the bay.

Being San Francisco, there's art.

Here's a statue of Giants' great Willie McCovey standing next to McCovey Cove. Behind him you can see the DUKW of the last post passing by.

Here's AT&T Park where the Giants play. (At least it's not Tidy Bowl Park.) Aside from the name, it's a really nice park.

Finally, here's the marina next to the park with the Bay Bridge in the background.

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