Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring 2012

The bureau chief just returned from Richmond VA, where it was emphatically spring, to discover that it's also mighty springlike in San Francisco. Richmond is an interesting city. There are several ways of thinking about it. You could think of it as the capital of the former Confederacy.

You could think of it as the capital of tobacco.

You could think of it as the city of too many Republicans (no illustration needed). But since my sister is an artist, I think of it as a city of art.

The following piece of art used to be on the minor league baseball stadium but when they changed the name of the team from the Braves to the Flying Squirrels (motto, "Go Nuts!') the Indian moved to a riverside prospect.

There's also lots of art inside, like these two mixes of dairy and birds by Veva Edelson.

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