Monday, July 4, 2011

The Return of the Agile Goat

The bureau chief and his comrades in the BHP treasure a quote from a 1894 article in the San Francisco Chronicle describing then semi-rural Bernal Heights as, "That paradise of the agile goat and the speckled hen." On Friday of last week, one block off of Cortland Ave, Mme Le Chef and I saw this.

The goats weren't exhibiting any special agility but were exhibiting a healthy appetite. Apparently it was a flock brought in to eat the weeds around the Holly Park Reservoir.


the possessive apostrophe said...

I saw the goats outside Good Life on Saturday afternoon. One of them was trying to eat a small black dog, who seemed rather enthusiastic at the prospect.

Bureau Chief said...

Flesh eating goats. There's movie potential there.

Lo said...

In 3D no doubt.