Friday, July 2, 2010

Passy Cemetery

One of the many hats that the Bureau Chief wears is Inspector of Cemeteries. In this capacity I have visited four Paris cemeteries since 2004 and have now added a fifth, Passy. It's a small cemetery in a good part of town right next to the Trocadero complex.

Although the Eiffel Tower is across the river it seems next to the cemetery from certain angles.

Habitation for the living really is right next to that for the dead.

As Madame Le Chef will testify, when the temperature reaches a certain point, the Bureau Chief is afflicted with a type of heat madness that takes the form of impatience. I neglected to get the cemetery pamphlet and so missed the graves of various notables (including Manet) but did manage to stumble on Octave Mirbeau.

Various photographers have taken this wonderful juxtaposition. This is my version.

I won't mention The Hulk. Wait, I just did.

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