Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hawks from the archives

While I'm trying to decide if I have anything to say about the film "The White Ribbon", I'm posting these photos of Red-tailed Hawks from the Bureau archives. This no-nonsense guy in sitting in a tree in back of the Bureau.

These were shot at the top of the hill that the Bureau stands on. When they fly you can see how they got their name.

And also how the Egyptians could have a falcon god.


Curtis said...

I love that top photo!

We have some of those hawks in our trees as well.

Even though, Ive been told they are vultures.

Bureau Chief said...

You can't confuse a hawk with a Turkey Vulture when you get close because the latter are freaky looking things optimized for sticking their heads in carrion. Experienced bird watchers (the Bureau Chief is a novice) can also distinguish the two species in the air, by the shape of their wings.

Curtis said...

We finally saw District 9 -- now that was an excellent romp!!!!!

Great recommendation King Tim :-)
Don't keep the truly great ones to yourself.