Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Lands

Recently The Bureau has been more of a photo blog and less of a movie review blog. I predict it will soon lurch back toward reviews but in the mean time, more photos.

In San Francisco, in the last couple of decades, a new neighborhood has been created out of an emptied industrial landscape that stretches along the shore of the Bay south of King Street. It’s called Mission Bay/South Beach. Its two most notable landmarks are the Giant’s baseball stadium and a new campus for UCSF (the medical school for the UC system). We recently walked around the area.

A Richard Serra sculpture on the UCSF campus.

A relic from when this was a thriving shipping and industrial area.

The UCSF Recreation Center where Madame Le Chef takes swimimg classes.

Where Mission Creek emerges from under the city streets and flows into the Bay.


Anonymous said...

I think Serra is a piece of work.

Have you seen him on Charlie Rose?

He can talk about anything as long as he talks about himself.

So, he bends tons of panels of steel and carefully balances them in the environment.

I can make a spoon stick on the end of my nose!

Bureau Chief said...

Apropos Mr. Serra, there is, alas, no known correlation between talent and likability.