Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back In Town

For any readers who have checked into the Bureau during the last month looking for new reviews of worthy films, I apologize. Madame Le Chef and I have been on summer vacation in Ireland, France and the East Coast of les Etats-Unis. I don’t carry along a computer when I travel. Actually I am glad to be rid of it since it fills me with the endless desire to log on and check the latest news which is usually dismal or epically unimportant.

We honed our French by trying to follow the news in Le Monde and on television. I’m happy to report that there was zero French coverage of the American presidential campaign in the first part of July since really nothing was happening except media manufactured non-events. On the other hand Ingrid Betancourt’s rescue was on 24/7. Jeez, you’d think she was Milely Cyrus or something.

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¡ máirtín ! said...

Do you mean "Hannah Colombia"?